Thursday, August 18, 2011

Preserving Summers Bounty

I am seriously excited.

If you know me, you know that I have gone on a serious canning bender this summer.

Seriously, its what you're all getting for Christmas.

Well, today I went out to get the mail, and my copy of Marilyn Kluger's "Preserving Summer's Bounty" had arrived! I first read about this classic cookbook on Chowhound, and it's recipes were described as "the jam our Grandmothers made". Well, neither of my Grandmothers make jam, but being that I am a huge fan of "Fine Preserving" (M.F.K Fisher's Annotated Edition Catherine Plagemann's Cookbook) and other cookbooks of that era, so I decided to go for "Preserving Summers Bounty", especially since it was $3.95 from Better World Books on Abebooks.

It's been out of print for at least 20 years, and my 1979 version is from a west Texas library. That somehow makes it more exciting.

Expect a review when I finish reading it/make a few of her recipes. :)

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