Monday, August 8, 2011


So if you're reading this post, chances are we already know each other (we're probably related actually), which means we're off to a good start. Also, I probably miss you a lot.

However, in effort to cover all of my bases, I feel like I should introduce myself.

My name is Liz, I live in the lovely town of Indiana Pennsylvania which is nestled deep in the hills of western PA and home to Indiana University of Pennsylvania where I attend school. You should visit some time. I live with my wonderful fiance Chris. We're sort of dragging our feet in the getting married department, so don't ask about the date. We have a small apartment (that you will see pictures of soon) above a garage on a little alley that we are slowly but surely transforming into a lovely home.

We've been living here about six weeks, and I've already had one ridiculous waitressing job (that I quit after working about 90 hours in two weeks) and finished a writing intensive summer class (Creative Writing). I have a job lined up for the fall, so my plan is to spend the next few weeks in domestic bliss, cooking, knitting, and most importantly canning. I've made canned roma tomatoes, sundried tomato and roasted pepper spread, roasted crushed tomatoes strawberry jam, spiced blue berry jam, szechuan string beans, and red onions in wine vinegar and thats just the beginning!

So keep reading, As I have more things to talk about, I promise things will get more interesting :)


  1. Congrats on the new blog!

    I don't think I've heard about the new job yet. What will you be doing?

    - Lydia -

  2. I did not realize you quit that job! But now that i think about it, you did stop talking about it =)

  3. Your town sounds lovely! PA is such a pretty state and I love small towns and hills! Your photo of your canned goods is really great too! Good staging...I love it! Thanks for introducing yourself...I learned a little bit more about you that I didn't know. I am addicted to blogs and so happy to have yours to read!!

  4. Lydia, working as a computer lab monitor at the school. So mostly reading and telling people to get their hands out of their pants.

    Tara, yeah. That job was ridiculous. I made good money while it lasted, but the owner was too shady for me to handle.

    Teresa Chris took them. He's good at stuff like that.

  5. On behalf of GREEF and the Second Tuesday crowd, we miss you too!

    We will incorporate homemade lard into next month's meeting.