Sunday, August 21, 2011

Public Service Announcement (kinda) and pictures!

Macy's has recalled its Martha Stewart enameled dutch ovens. If you have one (Mom, I'm talking to you), go return it, and they'll give you your money back.

Annoyingly, I have one and use it everyday. It is a major staple in my kitchen and I'm pretty upset to have to give it up. As a replacement, we've just ordered a Staub 5qt round cocotte in pesto. While I've always been an admirer of Le Creuset, last time we were at Sur La Table in Pittsburgh though, I found myself drawn towards Staub pieces, another brand of enameled cast iron cookware made is Alsace France. Its interior is black enamel instead on neutral, and its porous, so it develops a seasoning over time like normal cast iron making it non stick. Also, it comes in really sexy colors.

Now lets hope we can get a decent refund amount for the Martha Stewart one. The recall website says 'full refund", and the sticker price on mine is $109.00, but we all know how that works. My mom got $40 back for hers in store credit, but Chris says that he'll be removed by security before he takes store credit. Theres not a Macy's for 60 miles in any direction of where we live. How the heck are we going to use it?

In more interesting news, pictures of the apartment and pictures Chris took at Ligonier Country Market are going up tonight and I might take some pictures berry picking today. Its been so beautiful out for the past few days. Its almost breathtaking.

Here are some shots I've taken in the last couple of days:

These are from when Ryan Mance and I went to a farmers market in this little town called Vandergrift. That bull was not happy that I hopped out of the car to take its picture.

These are just from my travels. I love bridges like that so I snapped a picture of it with my phone while we were driving under it. I am an artiste. That Ammo shop is essentially across the street from my house. I know. Creepy. Welcome to Pennsylvania.

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  1. Saturday hours must be by appointment only for that last picture.

    It was kind of funny to see a question mark by that day, though. It's almost as if the sign is saying, "Saturdays? Sometimes we have one of those." :P